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Psalm 36 A Psalm of Moral Contrasts

Prayer Meeting August 13, 2008Psalm 36A Psalm of Moral ContrastsThis Psalm looks into the HEART OF MAN, and the HEART of GODIt’s important to recognize both, because without God’s grace, we are wicked“People of the Lie” – a psychological examination of the problem of evilstrange theology, but interesting observations. We don’t need psychology to describe […]

Psalm 36 A Psalm Reminding Us Who WE are and He is

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 36 A Psalm Reminding Us of Who We Are – And Who HE Is! I. God’s Revelation About Humanity. 36:1-4A. Only GOD can reveal the TRUTH about humanity1. One greater must describe that which is inferior2. Only God knows our beginning and ending3. We can only speak of that […]