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Psalm 76 A Psalm to Celebrate Gods Deliverance

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm76 A Psalm to Celebrate God’s Deliverance Setting possibly Hezekiah’s victory over the Assyrians Paired with Psalm 75 “Psalm 75 prepares the way for God’s deliverance. 76 Celebrates the deliverance as having taken place.” (Scrogie) When God delivers – CELEBRATE! FEASTS of ISRAEL PASSOVER Deliverance FIRST FRUITS Celebration PENTECOST Celebration […]

Psalm 20-21 Two Psalms of Victory

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 20 & 21 Two Psalms of Victory Structure of Psalm 20-21. The PEOPLE pray. 20:1-5The KING prays. 20:6-8BATTLEThe KING’S praise. 21:1-7The PEOPLE’S praise. 21:8-12 When is it right to ask God to intercede? 1. When God’s Name is at stake. 20:1. Psalm 35:22-252. When you are walking with integrity. […]