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Psalm 88 A Psalm for the Afflicted

Prayer Meeting April 11, 2007Psalm 88 – A Psalm for the AfflictedThe issue for the unbeliever is not the discovery of truth, it is the discovery of another reason to reject God.One of the most common excuses against faith in God is the suffering that exists in the world.QUESTIONING GOD’s PURPOSE: The Garden. Satan brought […]

Psalm 77 A Psalm for the Troubled Heart

Finding Yourself in the Psalms PSALM 77 The Path of the Troubled Heart “Why do I feel discouraged. . .” (Song “He Touched me)ASAPH gives us some very PERSONAL Psalms. Does not hide his feelingsPsalm 77 written after a time of national defeat or discouragementProgressive Outline. 3 verses each stanza.I. The Saints DESCRIBE Their Trouble. […]

Psalm 61 A Psalm for the Weary Traveller

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 61 A Psalm for the Weary Traveler PSALM 61 David leaving Jerusalem as Absalom’s men advance. 2 Sam 15:14, 30; 17:24-29 Barefoot Leaving God’s sanctuary!David Prays for security that only God can givePROPHETICALLY – about JESUS! Psalm centers around THREE REQUESTS I. Lord, HEAR ME. 61:1-2A. “From the ends […]