Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 96

A Psalm Expressing God’s Missionary Heart

“Missions started on the Day of Pentecost.” WRONG

God has always had a missionary heart.

I. God was to be praised among the nations.
A. “Among the nations” in 96:3, 5, 7, 10, 13
B. God’s plan was for Israel to be a blessing to the whole world
1. Gen 12:3. Ultimately, Israel brought forth Jesus
2. Ex. 12:48 Aliens and foreigners allowed to participate in the passover
3. Jer. 18:7-8
4. God sent prophets to the nations
a. Obadiah. Judgment on Edom. 840 BC b. Joel. Judgment of the nations. 835 BC c. Jonah. Judgment of Ninevah. 760 BC
d. Nahum. Judgment of Nineveh and Assyria. 660 BC II. God will ultimately rule the nations. 96:10-13
III. God uses His people to spread the message to everyone.
A. We witness through worship. 96:3
B. We witness through holiness. “Set apart” 1Peter 2:9
C. We witness through words. Col 4:3-4