Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 9

A Psalm to Learn About God

Times of trials test what we believe about God.

Illus – Greg Hunt – Michigan. Church every Sunday. Mom dies. His disbelief in God shows through.

Psalm 9 -A Psalm to Learn About God

Psalm 9-10 are tied together. Acrostic
Psalm 9 triumphant. Psalm 10 troubles.
HEBREW outline = every other verse a new letter. Thematic outline:
I. Praise.9:1-2
David praises God with “all his heart”
II. YHWH’s Care. 9:3-6
YHWH protected this man of war
III. YHWH’s Character. 9:7-10
A. He is a KING. 9:7 . . .you can SERVE Him!
1. Psalm 11:4
2. 97:1
3. 99:1
B. He is JUDGE. 9:8 . . .you can HONOR Him!
C. He is a PROTECTOR. 9:9 . . .you can TRUST Him!
D. He is a FRIEND. 9:10. . . you can KNOW Him!
IV. YHWH’s Compassion. 9:11-12
V. YHWH’s Control. 9:13-18 (He will administer justice fairly) VI. David’s Prayer. 9:19-20

How Big is Your God? The way you deal with your TRIAL reveals what you believe about your GOD.