Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 57

“A Psalm of Protection”

Psalm 57 “When David Fled from Saul into the cave.”
David had to flee to a cave on at least 2 occasions. Once in the cave in Adullam (1 Sam 22:1-5). Once in a cave in En Gedi (1 Sam 24:1-7). This is the time relating to Psalm 57.
• A cave signifies fleeing
• no where to go
• refugee
• HERE David spares Saul’s life. Illustrates God’s sovereignty. Don’t just follow the
circumstances. God may be testing you.

“To the tune of Do Not Destroy” Psalm 58, 59, 75 (Asaph)

Psalm 58 – God’s righteous judgment
Psalm 59 – When Saul sent men to David’s house (1 Sam 19:1-17 – David rescued by his wife
Psalm 75 – God’s righteous judgment
God’s protection a major theme in David’s life
57:1 “Shadow of his wings”
Birds wings: Flight, swimming, warn of intruders, courtship, protection of her chicks.
• incubation
• safety from enemies
• warmth from the cold
• shelter from rain, storms

Ruth 2:12

Psalm 91:4

Also used in the Psalms (17:8; 36:7; 57:1; 61:4; 63:7)

57:2 God has a purpose for you.
Isaiah 43:2-3
57:5 Be Exalted, O God. The ability to praise in the middle of trouble. “God has a purpose in your suffering.”
57:7 “My heart is steadfast”
57:9-11 Worship.