Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 46

A Psalm for When You Ned Strenght

Even if these things happen, we will not fear. . .
1. The earth gives way
2. The mountains fall into the heart of the sea
3. The waters roar and foam
4. The mountains quake.
All the elements are affected (earth, mountains, water)
REASONS we can “be still” (v. 10)
1. The place of God . V. 4-7. Reference to His millennial reign
2. The works of God. V. 8-9
3. The Names of God
a. God. (V. 1). Elohim. Creator
b. Most High (v. 4). El Elyon.. Genesis Gen 14:19 when Melchizedek blessed Abram. Abraham was not the greatest, even after victory. Dan 3:26. When Shad, Meeshac and Abed. were delivered from the furnace. Jehovah was higher than Nebby.
c. Lord Almighty. The Lord of Hosts. Mighty in battle. Used of Hannah at a time

when Israel was defeated and there was no one to help. 1 Sam 1:11. Used when Assyria surrounded Judah. Isa. 37:14.

God is the God of JACOB. The unlikely. The unlovely. The weak. The disadvantaged.