Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 33

A Psalm for Times of Instability

“The MAYTAG” Psalm



Introduction – Praise God.


It is RIGHT. V. 1, it is fitting


Praise Him SKILLFULLY. V. 2-3


Praise Him CREATIVELY. V. 2-3 (new song)

II. 4-12. The Lord’s WORKS Are Dependable
A. Creation shows us that He can do anything
B. His WORD is dependable (4, 6, 9)
III. 13-19. The Lord’s JUSTICE is Dependable
A. He SEES and is concerned with what we do (13, 14, 18) B. He delivers those that belong to Him


20-23. Conclusion – worship God.

“God’s people demonstrate their faith in three ways. . .”

Allan Ross, BKC, 819

A. They wait in hope for deliverance from the Lord.

1. He is their help

2. He is their shield

B. They rejoice in Him whom they trust

C. They pray that unfailing love will rest on them

What brings about instability or unsettledness in our lives? SHARING
V. How to Turn WORRY into WORSHIP During Times of instability
A. Remember God’s faithfulness. We can always PRAISE. We can always
B. Repeat God’s Word.
1. Read
2. Aloud
C. Recklessly Trust in Him (16-17) D. Rejoice
1. Through tears
2. With others
3. Through song
E. Rest in Him.
1. V. 20-22 speak of waiting.
2. In PRAISE we speak to God.
3. In WORSHIP He often speaks to US
4. We must be still in order for Him to speak to us.