Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 31

A Psalm When You Feel OVERWHELMED

v 4 trapped
v 6 evil people
v 10 emotional sorrow v 12 loneliness
v 13 threats v 22 fear
I. The Depth of David’s Distress. 31:1-13
A. “Life consumed with anguish” v 10 EMOTIONAL B. “Strength fails” v 10 PHYSICAL
C. “I am cut off” v 22 SPIRITUAL
II. The Reasons We Feel Overwhelmed
A. Illness. 2 Cor 4:16-5:4 “The outer man is perishing”
1. Losing hair
2. Losing teeth
3. Class reunions (fewer and fewer every year)
4. Aches, pains, limitations
B. Persecution from God’s enemies. Psalm 31:11. ANSWER 31:23-24
1. Scrogie: “This Psalm is like watching a small ship on the waves. Up,
down. Crest, trough. But the sunshine is the last, not the rain.”
2. This is a Psalm of COURAGE, not PITY.
3. Discouragement happens. Overwhelmed happens. DESPAIR does not belong.
C. Disappointments in life. ANSWER Rom 8:28.
1. Illus – Naomi, – Corrie Ten Boom, – Jamie Burnham, – JOB 13:15 “though he slay me. . .”
2. Some of the most difficult times in our lives are there from God to help us grow. MOSES in Egypt, JOSEPH in Potiphers house, PAUL Phil 4:12-13 “Learned the secret. . . all things through Christ”
III. The Remedy for Those who Feel Overwhelmed. Psalm 31:14-15
A. “But as for me. . .” Make up your mind
B. “Thou art my God. . .” Give God control. He is bigger than we are
C. “My times are in your hand. . .” Rest in His sovereignity.
Nothing can happen to us outside of God’s control. Death, the thing we fear the most and have
the least control over, God has complete control. Ps 23:4 “yea though I walk.”

Ps 116:15 “precious in the sight.”

Romans 14:8

8If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. Philippians

1:21For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.