Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 27

“A Psalm for Times You Feel Afraid.”

100's of phobias. (Driving, flying, shellfish) Instructional fear – reverence – respect – learning
An once of fear is worth more than a pound of advice
Paralyzing fear – fear of something that has not happened. Psalm 27. 2 Parts.
1-6. Victory over fear
7-14. Struggle with fear
I. Confidence dispels fear. 27:1-3
A. “Only the one who says ‘The Lord is my Light,’ can say ‘of whom shall I fear?’”
B. Confidence in the power of God. C. Formula for victory over fear:
1. PRAISE. (27:4)
a. Paul and Silas in jail.
b. Deitrich Bonhoeffer. Journal entry about the song birds that could
be heard inside the prison. “God is so gracious to me.”
2. PERSPECTIVE. (27:1 “light,” “stronghold,”
a. Names of God.
b. Attributes of God c. Promises of God
d. Blessings of God. Psalm 103:4
II. Communion with God brings security. 27:4-6
A. Familiar with Psalm 91.
III. Remember that God is in Control. 27:7-14
A. A Cry for help. 7-10. Here the tone has changed. “Fear lies very near to faith” (Scrogie).
1. Some of our greatest fears and failures come at the heels of great victories.
a. Peter on the water
b. Elijah and the prophets of Baal. 1 Kings 19:3
B. A Cry for Instruction. 11-12
C. Affirmation that God is in Control. 13-14
Admitting your fear is important
Turning to God is even more important