Finding Yourself in the Psalms

Psalm 147

A Psalm Inviting You to Praise

Three “Hallelujah’s” v. 1, 12, 20
Two reasons for Praise.
I. He is the God of Israel
A. 2-3. He has re-built Israel.
1. Post exilic Psalm
2. The Lord had brought healing, rebuilding of the walls, security
B. 6. He sustains the humble. God will bring judgement
C. 10-11. He is faithful to those who fear him.
1. Hope cannot be in our own strength
2. We must trust in the Lord.
D. 13-14. Security for God’s people
1. Bars, gates = Security
2. Peace in your borders
3. Wheat = symbol of peaceful times
E. 19-20. We are blessed because God has revealed himself to us. Heb 1:1-3
II. He is the God of Creation.
A. 4. Stars.
1. Science tells us the # of stars is infinite.
2. God who is greater, says their number is known.
B. 8. Clouds.
Three phrases
1. Covers the sky (beauty)
2. Supplies with rain (rain)
3. Makes the grass to grow – even where man cannot plant, God causes


things to grow.



Sustaining the animals.


From great, significant animals, to small insignificant.


Just like the grass, God takes care of the animals at heights and places

where people cannot go.

D. 19-20. His Word. His word commands NATURE. His word is revealed to
III. Why can we Praise?
A. God is revealed in Nature.
B. God is revealed through His written word.