Sermons from April 2005

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Psalm 3 A Prayer for Times of Trouble

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 3 A Psalm for Times of Trouble Read Psalm 3Psalm 3 and 4 same theme, same time, same structure3:5 a morning Psalm4:8 an evening PsalmAbsalomNATURAL BEAUTY: 2 Sam 14:25NATURAL INTELLIGENCE: NATURAL TALENT:Vengeful. Waited 2 years in plot to kill brother Amnon over Tamar’s rape. 13:23PLOTTED against his father.• ingratiated […]

Psalm 147 A Psalm for Praise

    Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 147 A Psalm Inviting You to Praise Three “Hallelujah’s” v. 1, 12, 20 Two reasons for Praise. I. He is the God of Israel A. 2-3. He has re-built Israel. 1. Post exilic Psalm 2. The Lord had brought healing, rebuilding of the walls, security B. 6. […]

Psalm 144 A Psalm for Protection

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 144 A Psalm for God’s Protection Your peace of mind is a reflection on your theology. Illus – child scared in the middle of the night. What calms their fears? Mommie’s presence. David reflects back on God’s protection. I. Praise for God’s Protection. Psalm 144:1-2David’s theology caused him to […]