Sermons from March 2005

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Psalm 139 19-24 A Psalm of Loyal Response

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 139 Psalm 139:19-24 A Psalm of Loyal Response to God 4 stanzas of 6 verses each139:1-6 God’s Omniscience (A Psalm of God’s Knowldege)139:7-12 God’s Omnipresence (A Psalm of God’s Presence)139:13-18 God’s Omnipotence (A Psalm of God’s Power)139:19-24 David’s Loyalty (A Psalm of God’s Purifying Examination)Some have said there is […]

Psalm 139 13-18 A Psalm of God’s Omnipotence

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 139 God’s Omnipotence Psalm 139:13-19 “A Psalm of God’s Power” 139:1-6 God’s Omniscience139:7-12 God’s Omnipresence139:13-18 God’s Omnipotence139:19-24 God’s Righteousness and David’s Loyalty 139:13-18 God’s Omnipotence v. 11-12. Darkness cannot conceal me – this made David think about his conception. God knew me even before I was born.1. Our individuality […]