contains sermons and resources to help you study God’s Word and teach it to others.  If you can use an outline, thought, quote or illustration, please do so if it will assist in the proclamation of the gospel or the building up of the Church.


Is Hell Real


Skeptics reject Christianity because they do not like what it teaches about hell. But Jesus certainly believed in the reality of hell, and warned us about it. More important, he endured hell for us so that we might escape punishment and be saved.

Three Reasons to Celebrate Communion


The celebration of the bread and cup of communion is in part, a time for believers to regularly reflect on their lives and to remember all that the Lord did for us on Calvary. Here are three specific reasons why this is important.

Answering Questions about Suffering


Atheists point to suffering as evidence that God does not exist. But only the Bible provides a reasonable and sensible answer to the question of suffering. The Bible offers hope, something that atheism cannot offer.