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Answering Questions about Suffering

Atheists point to suffering as evidence that God does not exist. But only the Bible provides a reasonable and sensible answer to the question of suffering. The Bible offers hope, something that atheism cannot offer.

Answering Questions About Creation

Christians should know what the Bible says about Creation and the reasons why belief in the biblical account is both scientifically plausible and intellectually reasonable.

The Legacy of a Godly Home

Jonadab provides an example of a father who left a spiritual legacy that lasted generations, even though he lived in times of political and spiritual decline.

America’s Godly Heritage

Beginning with the Pilgrims, Kerby Anderson reviews the impact of the Christian Faith on the establishment of America’s laws and practices.

The True Origins of Thanksgiving

THANKFULNESS is a CHARACTERISTIC of godliness. Our national day of Thanksgiving is a call to give God thanks for his blessings.

Psalm 33 A Psalm for Times of Instability 20051005

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 33 A Psalm for Times of Instability “The MAYTAG” Psalm I. 1-3. Introduction – Praise God. A. It is RIGHT. V. 1, it is fitting B. Praise Him SKILLFULLY. V. 2-3 C. Praise Him CREATIVELY. V. 2-3 (new song) II. 4-12. The Lord’s WORKS Are DependableA. Creation shows us […]

Faith and Freedom

Our national celebration should cause Christians to reflect on the source of our freedom, and the support that is necessary to uphold it. The theme of this sermon is that Faith is the only Foundation that can support Freedom. Without Faith, Freedom fail

Psalm 150 Thanksgiving Praise Service

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 150Thanksgiving Praise Service Read Psalm 150 Last 5 Psalms are “Hallelujah Psalms” Begin and end with “Praise the Lord” (Hallelujah) The Great Crescendo to the book of Praise  The canon fireworks at the end of a fireworks display  In the opera, the equivalent of the “fat lady” […]

Psalm 109 A Psalm When People Treat You Badly

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 109 A Psalm When People Treat you Badly David is oppressed by treachery. Note v. 4-5 1-5 The Complaint 6-20 The Curse (exp v 8, 13) 21-31 The Comfort 1. David asked GOD to carry out the judgment2. David is concerned with God’s righteousness, not his own vindication3. These […]