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America’s Godly Heritage

Beginning with the Pilgrims, Kerby Anderson reviews the impact of the Christian Faith on the establishment of America’s laws and practices.

Psalm 33 A Psalm for Times of Instability 20051005

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 33 A Psalm for Times of Instability “The MAYTAG” Psalm I. 1-3. Introduction – Praise God. A. It is RIGHT. V. 1, it is fitting B. Praise Him SKILLFULLY. V. 2-3 C. Praise Him CREATIVELY. V. 2-3 (new song) II. 4-12. The Lord’s WORKS Are DependableA. Creation shows us […]

Faith and Freedom

Our national celebration should cause Christians to reflect on the source of our freedom, and the support that is necessary to uphold it. The theme of this sermon is that Faith is the only Foundation that can support Freedom. Without Faith, Freedom fail