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Three Reasons to Celebrate Communion

The celebration of the bread and cup of communion is in part, a time for believers to regularly reflect on their lives and to remember all that the Lord did for us on Calvary. Here are three specific reasons why this is important.

Exposing False Views

Learn the four predominant philosophies in the world system that take our thoughts captive and lead us astray from the Truth found in Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness in the Home

Reconciliation for broken relationships is only possible when justice and forgiveness meet.

The Necessity for Missions

David James explains the necessity for missions. Those who do not hear the gospel will be eternally lost. Christians are obligated to proclaim the message of hope.

What to Do When Someone Has Sinned Against You

Sometimes, it is necessary to bring about confrontation, not so that you feel better and are happy, but so that relationships are restored, and sinners are brought back to obedience.

Fasting to Know God Better

This sermon is about the place of fasting in the life of the Believer. SPECIFICALLY, this is a challenge to use the month of February to FAST from some measure of electronics.