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Three Reasons to Celebrate Communion

The celebration of the bread and cup of communion is in part, a time for believers to regularly reflect on their lives and to remember all that the Lord did for us on Calvary. Here are three specific reasons why this is important.

The Word Became Flesh

Jesus is the logos of God, demonstrating four truths of what it meant when Jesus became one of us.

Jesus the Forgiving Savior

Today, we will focus on forgiveness by studying the story of Simon the Pharisee and the sinful woman. Luke 7:36-50.

The Messiah Who Rescues Us

In a time of great fear, Isaiah prophesied, “Your God will come!” These prophetic words offer hope for our lives today.

Christ defined discipleship very clearly. This sermon examines his definition.

Coming to God

Jesus gave us many commands, which point us to a relationship with the Father. The first commands instruct us to How to Come to God.

The Shepherds – How Outcasts Find Jesus

God chose to announce the birth of his Son to shepherds – the social outcasts of the day. This is good news for us because we are all outcasts in need of God’s grace.

Simeon and Anna – How the Watchful Find Jesus

Sermon Notes November 30, 2014 FBCam Simeon and Anna – How the Watchful Find Jesus Luke 2:21-38 Putting out the Nativity set is a family tradition that kids remember all of their lives. One creative dad decided that he would build excitement for Christmas while teaching his kids to keep Christmas focused on the Savior’s […]