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Answering Questions about Suffering

Atheists point to suffering as evidence that God does not exist. But only the Bible provides a reasonable and sensible answer to the question of suffering. The Bible offers hope, something that atheism cannot offer.

Answering Questions About Jesus’ Resurrection

The book of Acts begins with an assertion that the Gospel message is based on “many convincing proofs” of Christ’s resurrection. Learn four of those convincing proofs that provide assurance of the resurrection of Jesus.

The Word Became Flesh

Jesus is the logos of God, demonstrating four truths of what it meant when Jesus became one of us.

Connecting with God in 2016

We cannot survive in isolation. We cannot serve in isolation. We must be connected, first with God and then with others.


Obeying the warnings that Jesus gave provides will save you from great trouble.

Jesus Taught Us How to Love

Christ’s command to love one another is more than just emotional love. It is selfless, others oriented love that demonstrates our love for God.