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Obedience to the Word – The Fuel for a Faithful Life

Your speech reveals whether your heart has been changed by the Word. James 1:19-26 Our Words to Others Reveal our Faithfulness to God The theme of “STEADFASTNESS” is still prevalent, even in this passage on the tongue. (1:25) James will address the tongue again in 3:1-12 He is following a familiar theme taught by Jesus […]

Where Are Your Passions?

We can have victory because God is greater than the temptation that comes our way, God has determined that we will ultimately gain victory over sin, and He is FOR US in this current struggle.

The Path of Faith

These principles from James 1 will help us keep the faith when trials come.

Keep the Faith

James is getting at something more substantial than patience through trials. James is exhorting us to stay FAITHFUL in the face of PERSECUTION.
He is exhorting us to KEEP the FAITH.

James – Servant of God

The way that JAMES introduces himself tells us that he possesses the character trait of HUMILITY. Today we want to learn about that character trait so that we can apply it to the way that we relate to others.