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Beyond All Odds – How the Story of Israel Proves the Accuracy of the Bible

  Is it a mere coincidence that Israel is successful in unparalleled ways, and at the same time, the object of hatred throughout much of the world?  Is there any significance to the survival of the Jewish people who have been mercilessly hunted, and targeted for elimination not once or twice, but repeatedly throughout history?  […]

Immigration, Refugees and Christian Compassion

The primary responsibilities of civil government are to enforce the law and punish those who do evil. It is necessary for America to wage war against terrorists and protect the nation’s borders.

The Abrahamic Covenant – Framework for Redemption

God’s plan to redeem humanity unfolds in the covenant he makes with Abram. The promise for a redeemer born of a woman is given in Genesis 3:15. Now the Lord clarifies that the Redeemer-Child will be born of a particular family, the descendants of Abraham, through whom “all peoples of the earth will be blessed.”