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Is Your Faith LION-PROOF?

What would it take for you to compromise your faith? For Daniel, NOTHING came between him and his commitment to live for God, not even a den of hungry lions!

When Daniel’s World Changed

By studying Daniel, we will get a glimpse of a man who lived and thrived in a pagan culture. Daniel instructs us how we should live in our culture today.

Is Hell Forever?

Teaching the biblical view of hell is out of fashion in today’s tolerant culture. But the Bible is clear: Hel is real and it is forever.

Countdown to Armageddon

Daniel 9 helps us answer the question of where we are in God’s prophetic time line.

The Hope of the Saints in the End Times

Daniel 7 contains a second prophetic overview of the coming kingdoms of the world. In this overview, the Heavenly Father is seen caring for and rescuing the saints who are persecuted.

The Nations in Prophecy

Daniel’s prophecies provide some of the most detailed examples of fulfilled prophecy, confirming to us the reliability of Biblical prophecy.