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Why I Preach the Gospel

Paul’s commitment as a servant to others is a model for every believer, not just pastors and missionaries.


Christians should stay true to the Gospel because we have been rescued from sin.

A Dicken’s Christmas – A Scrooge No More!

Although SCROOGE is a fictional character, he illustrates a powerful lesson: NO EARTHLY THING can provide meaning and happiness in life.
The only remedy powerful enough to dispel the sorrows of life and the pain of the past, is the remedy of a changed life through the gospel.

Christmas 1914 – Peace in No-Man’s Land

“Peace on earth” is a familiar Christmas greeting. It was announced by the angels to Judean shepherds. However, peace on earth is as elusive today as it was 2,000 years ago. Did Christ then fail in his mission in coming to earth?