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Answering Questions About Jesus’ Resurrection

The book of Acts begins with an assertion that the Gospel message is based on “many convincing proofs” of Christ’s resurrection. Learn four of those convincing proofs that provide assurance of the resurrection of Jesus.

Answering Questions About JESUS

Skeptics ask, Did Jesus Really Exist? Discover the biblical and historical that supports the gospel account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Connecting With the World

Understanding your audience is important! But while it is EASY to see this in MISSIONS, we fail to apply this to evangelism!

The Things that Matter Most

Six months ago Faith Bible Church studied the Essentials of the church from Acts 2:41-42. During that series we discovered FIVE essential components of the very first church established 50 days after Christ’s resurrection. Those essentials are a. Evangelism b. Teaching c. Fellowship d. Worship e. Prayer Today I would like to provide an update […]

God Loves Cities

GOD LOVES CITIES. That’s where the people are, and God loves people.