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Answering Questions About JESUS

Skeptics ask, Did Jesus Really Exist? Discover the biblical and historical that supports the gospel account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus Taught Us How to Preach

We have all experienced that it is much easier to talk about witnessing than to actually witness. Today we will discover that the instructions Jesus gave help to remove the pressure and guilt that Christians sometimes feel about witnessing.

Immigration, Refugees and Christian Compassion

The primary responsibilities of civil government are to enforce the law and punish those who do evil. It is necessary for America to wage war against terrorists and protect the nation’s borders.

How Jesus Made Disciples

When we think of discipleship we are prone to think, “I am like the disciples and need someone to help me be like Jesus”
However, we need to think, “Jesus wants me to be like him and help others to be more like him”

Jesus – The Ultimate Man

This sermon will help you to know how to be a man like Jesus instead of a flesh driven male like Samson