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Is Hell Real


Skeptics reject Christianity because they do not like what it teaches about hell. But Jesus certainly believed in the reality of hell, and warned us about it. More important, he endured hell for us so that we might escape punishment and be saved.

The Angel’s Song


It is the shortest of the Songs of Christmas which we are studying, but it is the most familiar, and the most profound! In this song, the gospel is announced to the entire world, reminding us that we don’t have to fear, because God has come to us.

Zechariah’s Song – God Has Come!

Our passage in Luke 1:68-79 presents Zechariah’s praise at the birth of his son, the baby that would grow up to be John the Baptist. His praise represents the hope of all Israel, that the Messiah had finally come, that GOD HAS VISITED HIS PEOPLE. His praise reaches through the centuries to remind us that God has provided an answer to the sorrows and evil that is in this world today.

Out of the Ark and Into a Brand New World


Out of the Ark and Into a Brand New World Genesis 8:15-9:3 Illustrations explain complex things in simple ways. Like putting together a bicycle or piece of unassembled furniture. Or setting up a computer or electronics. If you want to learn how to tie a knot, or learn a new crochet stitch, the best way […]

Everyone Needs an Ark


Disaster movies ominously predict the end of the world. Whether it be asteroids or aliens, nuclear war or epidemic, our poor old planet is constantly being wiped out by some larger than life disaster. These movies sell because we seem to thrive on FEAR. One of the biggest disaster movies was the recent movie “2012.” […]