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Psalm 83 A Psalm When Gods Enemies attack

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 83 “A Psalm When God’s Enemies Attack” Read Psalm 83:1-5 Describes us TODAY!• Anti-Christian Media. (Bill Mahr, Rosie, O’Donnel, Keith Olberman). NotRELIGIOUS persecution, but CHRISTIAN persecution!• Anti-Christian Activists. (Homosexual activists, anti-religious activists, educational activists)• Atheist philosophers.• False Prophets. (Gay churches, clergy for abortion, clergy promoting racism)I. Who is Orchestrating […]

Psalm 27 A Psalm when you are afraid

Finding Yourself in the Psalms Psalm 27 “A Psalm for Times You Feel Afraid.” 100's of phobias. (Driving, flying, shellfish) Instructional fear – reverence – respect – learningAn once of fear is worth more than a pound of adviceParalyzing fear – fear of something that has not happened. Psalm 27. 2 Parts.1-6. Victory over fear7-14. […]